Being in control of your finances has never been easier.

Budget Monthly is a free budget tracking app developed to help you track and analyze your monthly spending to help you save money.

What does it do?

Being in control of your finances has never been easier. Setting up your budget and recording each expense takes only a few clicks and the intuitive and colorful design helps you easily see your balance and status.

Budget Monthly has a large collection of reports that allow you to view summaries of each month, compare spending histories of all months, view spending by categories, and more.

Easy To Use

Easily create budgets and record incomes and expenses.


Enable password protection to keep your budget and expenses secure.

Budget Monthly Features

Dynamic Reports

Analyze your spending using dynamic and detailed reports to learn where your money is going.


Automatically adapts to your local currency with additional settings to fit your needs.


Check out some Screenshots of Budget Monthly in action!

Budget Monthly Screenshot 1
Budget Monthly Screenshot 2
Budget Monthly Screenshot 3
Budget Monthly Screenshot 7
Budget Monthly Screenshot 4
Budget Monthly Screenshot 5

Download Budget Monthly

Budget Monthly v1.3 is now available in the App Store!